Dog Boarding

 Small dogs from 2 lbs to 30lbs

 $21.00 per night per dog


Larger Dogs 31 lbs to 85 lbs

$26.00 per night per dog

Extra Large Dogs 86 lbs and up

 $31 per night per dog

We provide bowls, bedding and toys but you are more than welcome to provide your own. We ask that you provide your own food for your dog in order to keep them on their normal diet. An additional charge of 3 dollars will be added if we use our in house food (taste of the wild).

Proof of current vaccines are required before boarding. A copy can be emailed to us at

We play music to relax and entertain your pet.

Special needs and aggressive dogs are subject to an additional fee of $4 per night to have staff on duty to tend to you pets specific needs

Cat Boarding

$20.00 per night per cat

Our cats are housed in a roomy kitty condo. Fresh food and clay litter is provided twice daily. The cats are taken out 2 times daily for human contact. Tuck-in service for a good night's sleep, snuggled in a kitty bed. We cater to your cats needs.

We take care of all your cats needs. We provide for cat beds, litter boxes, litter and bowls. To make sure your cat is as comfortable as possible outside of his/hers home environment, we ask you to provide cat food during his/hers stay with us. An additional charge of 3 dollars will be added if we use our in house food.

Pet requirements:

  • must be in good health

  • must not have ticks or fleas

Pet required immunizations:


  • Rabies