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All Creatures Pet Grooming opened up its doors in 1999. What started out as a small family run operation, has turned into being a leader in pet services for the downtown Orlando area.  We take pride in offering your dog or cat a home away from home and a place where your pet will be treated as if they were our own. Taking care of your pet and keeping them happy is our number one priority. We understand that each pet is different and amazing, in their own way, which is why we take the time to get to know your pets so we can provide a FUN, SAFE and CLEAN environment that fits their needs. Whether it may be a bath and cut for your furry friend, an overnight boarding stay for vacation or dropping your dog off for daycare during a busy work week, our goal is to keep Orlando beautiful one pet at a time!

We Have Everything Your Pet Needs

Here at All Creatures we take pride in offering the very best service for your dog or feline friend with unmatched love, attention and care. Located in downtown Orlando in the heart of the Milk district, All Creatures opened up in 1999. We provide a FUN, CLEAN and SAFE environment for your pet and keeping them happy is our main priority.

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Regular grooming sessions can improve your dog's overall health, prevent discomfort, and enhance their happiness. Give your furry friend the care they deserve by visiting our grooming salon today!

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Headed out of town but can’t take your pup with you? Though it would be wonderful to take our dogs with us, it’s not always feasible which is why we offer overnight dog boarding. With us, your dog will enjoy a safe and fun environment with attentive staff who care for them like they were their own.

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Although cats are very good at grooming themselves, cat grooming sessions help to maintain their cleanliness, keeping them fresh, clean and odor-free.

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Our cat boarding provides a safe and secure environment for your cat when you need. We ensure that your cat receives proper attention, care, and supervision while you're away, giving you peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is in good hands.

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Convenience is everything! Enjoy the benefits of everything we have to offer in our salon but at the luxury of your door step. Our mobile groomers will do their best to make sure your dog or cat is comfortable and looking their very best!

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You want your dog to have the best of everything - a healthy routine, a safe environment, people who care, plenty of exercise and socialization with a lively circle of dog friends. That's what we are all about!

Additional Services

Coming Soon!

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We offer professional dog walking services with experienced and trustworthy staff to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable!


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Maybe your dog doesn’t do well with other dogs, has a health condition, or you simply feel safer keeping them at home. Whatever the reason, All Creatures Pet Grooming is now offering the option for you to book one of our staff members as your in-home pet sitter, the solution to all of your pet sitting needs.

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Coming Soon!

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Pet dental cleaning

Anesthesia free


Call us today to book your next anesthetic free dental cleaning by Smiley Pet Stop!


Next booking available:

June 27th, 2024

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